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Solupore® Technology

Intracellular delivery is integral to the generation of engineered ex vivo cell-based therapies including genome editing approaches. Current delivery modalities, both viral and non-viral, have limitations which led Avectas to develop a technology that enables delivery of cargoes to cells for developing next-generation therapies. The SOLUPORE® technology is a patented non-viral, cell engineering technology that permeabilises the target cell membrane and allows efficient transfer of cargo into cells whilst retaining very high levels of cell viability and functionality.

The SOLUPORE® technology is versatile and enables delivery of nucleic acids such as mRNA, DNA and proteins, including gene editing tools such as CRISPR. The SOLUPORE® cell engineering platform achieves excellent engineering efficiencies in a variety of cell types including primary T cells and NK cells for immuno-oncology and gene editing applications.



The SOLUPORE® technology addresses the clinical need to perform efficient and safe intracellular delivery of cargoes for cell engineering. Intracellular delivery occurs by diffusion across the permeabilised membrane and transfer of the cargo is rapid and independent of endocytic pathways.


The SOLUPORE® technology enables multiple sequential edits in a population of cells.


The SOLUPORE® technology is gentle on cells providing excellent viability and superior functionality. There is no stall time in cell proliferation following cell engineering resulting in a shorter overall manufacturing timeframe with the potential for a lower cost of goods. The quality of the cells administered to patients is critical to the efficacy of the cell therapy product and SOLUPORE® ensures this functionality is preserved.


The SOLUPORE® technology is appropriately scaled to engineer the volume of cells required for autologous clinical therapies including gene editing approaches. It can be used in the manufacture of allogeneic therapies which require post- transfection expansion steps.


Avectas has developed a Research and Development device that is now available for technology transfer. This device replicates the clinical and commercial scale technology in a form which is easy to use for non-GMP R&D. A clinical device will be ready for the manufacture of cell therapies for clinical evaluation 1H 2023, including the regulatory documentation to support IND and ultimate BLA, or equivalent, regulatory filings. Avectas is additionally developing a continuous throughput system to enable larger volumes of cells to be engineered.


The SOLUPORE® platform has wide applicability for the engineering of next-generation gene modified cell therapy products, including those which will require multiple modifications using diverse gene editing tools, whilst preserving cell functionality.


Cell therapy developers are interested in delivering gene editing tools in the form of mRNA, DNA and protein, and combinations of these. Current state-of-the-art technologies can be harsh on cells and process yields can be low. The SOLUPORE® technology is a gentle cell engineering technology that has demonstrated the ability to deliver a wide range of gene editing tools including CRISPR/CAS9 and effect efficient edits whilst retaining very high levels of cell viability and functionality.


The manufacture of Allogeneic or ‘off the shelf’ cell therapy products is an area of growing interest. In such programs it is common to have more than one modification to the cell. This can necessitate more than one delivery technology per product. The SOLUPORE® technology can deliver diverse cargoes simultaneously or sequentially to cells, simplifying the manufacture of allogeneic therapies.


Tackling solid tumours with gene modified cell therapies has become a major focus of the field. To achieve this goal, complex engineering strategies are required. One of the critical challenges is persistence of engineered cells in the tumour microenvironment. Engineering cells to be more resilient in this environment will be a key success factor. This will require complex engineering with multiple steps achieved in a manner that maintains highly functional cells. The SOLUPORE® platform can address this challenge.


The SOLUPORE® platform is an ideal platform for transient therapies including CAR-T or CAR-NK intended for multi dosing regimens where dose control and safety are primary concerns. Examples are mRNA CAR-T therapies and CAR-NK therapies.


Avectas will support its partners in the compilation of documentation for regulatory filings with CMC documentation and / or reference to Avectas DMFs.
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