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Solupore technology

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Current gene delivery technologies for cell therapy applications rely on harsh mechanisms which negatively impact cell quality. This impact to cell health results in reduced proliferative capacity and cell function following the delivery of cargo. By enhancing cell quality through improved cell health solupore® has the potential to enhance in vitro and in vivo cell function and enables the manufacture of next generation gene-modified cell therapies.

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solupore® Benefits

Solupore is accelerating the future of cell therapies through healthier and more functional cells for patients

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Maintains optimal cell health & phenotype

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Enhanced cell function after payload delivery

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Ability to apply payload delivery for a wide range of applications

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Easy to integrate to your existing processes

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Available as cGMP instrument by 2H 2023

How solupore® works

Solupore delivers cargo by physicochemical means yielding cells with superior cell health and younger memory phenotype.

Avectas description

Solupore® resolves key manufacturing limitations associated with viral and non-viral cell modification approaches

Manufacturing Challenges


Solution – Solupore®

Cell health & phenotype


Electroporation unintentionally activates and exhaust cells, negatively impacting cell viability

Solution – Solupore®

Younger memory phenotype and reduced apoptosis leading to improved proliferative capacity

Cell function


Poor cell function post editing negatively impacts clinical efficacy, safety, and tumor killing capability

Solution – Solupore®

Due to improved cell health and proliferative capacity, T cells are highly functional in vitro and in vivo

Complex gene-editing


Constraints around processing time, inflexibility and yield for sequential edits

Solution – Solupore®

Improved cell heath and function enable the complex editing needed for the next generation of cell therapies

Ease of adoption and use


Time consuming to scale up and cell processing requires highly skilled operators with batch-to-batch variability

Solution – Solupore®

Automated and closed system with minimal cell processing, flexible input parameters and ease of use

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Avectas’ solupore® platform offers a cell engineering solution for next generation cell and gene therapies. Partnerships are essential to ensure better patient outcomes, and we are actively seeking to engage with companies and researchers who are developing these lifesaving gene modified cell therapy products.

If you would like to learn more about working with Avectas and our cell engineering technology, get in touch with us.

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