Engineering Cells Fit for Immunotherapy

About Avectas

Avectas is a cell engineering technology business focused on improving the cost, manufacturing and patient outcomes for the next generation of cellular therapies. Avectas is developing a unique cell engineering platform, SOLUPORE®, to enable the ex-vivo manufacture of gene modified cell therapy products.

SOLUPORE® is a patented, non-viral, cell engineering technology that permeabilizes the target cell membrane and allows efficient transfer of cargo into cells whilst retaining very high levels of cell viability and functionality. The SOLUPORE® technology is designed for use with mRNA, DNA, and proteins, including gene editing tools such as CRISPR. SOLUPORE® achieves excellent engineering efficiencies for delivery of these payloads to primary T cells and NK cells for immuno-oncology and gene editing applications.

Avectas is currently developing the clinical (cGMP) technology embodiment while enhancing its dataset, implementing its commercialization strategy and building out the team.


Avectas is a cell engineering business developing a patented delivery technology platform to enable the ex-vivo manufacture of complex gene modified cell therapy products, which will retain high in-vivo functionality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading non-viral cell engineering technology, integrated into manufacturing processes for multiple autologous and allogeneic therapies.

Become a Partner

Avectas’ SOLUPORE® platform offers a cell engineering solution for next generation cell and gene therapies. Partnerships are essential to ensure better patient outcomes, and we are actively seeking to engage with companies and researchers who are developing these lifesaving gene modified cell therapy products.

If you would like to learn more about working with Avectas and our cell engineering technology, get in touch with us.


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