Avectas have entered into a collaboration agreement with Inceptor Bio to improve the development and manufacturing of next-generation CAR-T cell therapies for the treatment of solid tumors. Under the agreement, Inceptor will utilize Avectas’ SOLUPORE® technology as an alternative to electroporation for engineering T cells with the goal to yield a healthier T cell product. Avectas’ SOLUPORE® technology is well suited to Inceptor Bio’s CAR-T cell process, which aims to improve the quality of the engineered T cells, and ultimately, enhance their durability in the tumor microenvironment. By combining Avectas’ SOLUPORE® delivery with Inceptor Bio’s CAR-T cell therapy platform, the engineered cells have the potential for improved performance and efficacy. Read more

GenScript and Avectas Team Up to Improve the Non-Viral Cell Therapy Manufacturing Process. The two biotech leaders have embarked on a research project to streamline manufacturing of non-viral CRISPR gene editing components; the goal is to improve the editing efficiency and cell viability of non-viral based cell therapies. The two companies share a goal of providing their customers with potent, new methods for developing cell therapies that offer an improved safety profile over viral and non-viral vector techniques. By combining Avectas’ cell engineering technology and know-how with GenScript’s expertise in synthetic long oligo production, the partnership aims to demonstrate a novel and efficient solution for cell therapy manufacturing and to improve editing efficiency and cell viability over traditional delivery methods. Read more 

UCDAVIS University of California

Avectas has entered into a collaborative agreement with The Simon Laboratory at UC Davis, California, USA (UCD) to engage in the characterisation of cells engineered with Avectas’ proprietary, non-viral SOLUPORE® cell engineering platform. Under the collaboration, The Simon Laboratory at UCD will characterise cells engineered using SOLUPORE®, leveraging UCD’s unique cell membrane characterisation expertise and assays. Read More

Karolinska Instituet

Avectas has joined the new Competence Center for Next Generation NK Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy (“NextGenNK”) as a collaborative partner established at Karolinska Institutet (“KI”), Stockholm, Sweden.  NextGenNK is scheduled to receive up to approximately $12 million in funding over the next five years from multiple stakeholders including Vinnova, Karolinska Institutet and its industry partners with the opportunity to apply for extended funding for an additional five years at a similar level. Read More

Avectas secured €2.1 million funding under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. Avectas is developing a technology that temporarily makes permeable cells extracted from a patient and allows them to be re-engineered to attack cancers before being infused back into patients. Read More

Become a Partner

Avectas’ SOLUPORE® platform offers a cell engineering solution for next generation cell and gene therapies. Partnerships are essential to ensure better patient outcomes, and we are actively seeking to engage with companies and researchers who are developing these lifesaving gene modified cell therapy products.

If you would like to learn more about working with Avectas and our cell engineering technology, get in touch with us.