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Avectas Launches the Solupore® Platform for the Clinical Manufacturing of Next- Generation Gene-Modified Cell Therapies with Unparalleled Cell Health and Functionality


DUBLIN, Ireland and CAMBRIDGE, MA – 16 January 2023: Avectas, a cell engineering technology leader, announces the launch of the Solupore® platform at the Advanced Therapies Week, Miami Beach Convention Centre, January 17th – 20th, 2023, Booth # 331.

The Solupore® non-viral delivery system enables the clinical manufacturing of advanced cell therapies differentiated by unparalleled cell health and superior cell functionality. This novel system expands the possibilities for complex editing and challenging cargo delivery. Solupore® technology works by temporarily permeabilizing the target cell membrane so that molecular cargoes such as mRNA, plasmids, RNP or CRISPR/Cas9 can be delivered while retaining
superior cell health and function.

Avectas has developed an extensive data package based on primary T cells that includes performance in complex editing, cell health characterization, in vitro and in vivo functional performance. Avectas is expanding this dataset to include other cell types, including induced
pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

Several partners have accessed the technology under an early access program, including Genscript, Inceptor Bio, and CCRM/Omnia bio. Avectas also has ongoing undisclosed partnerships with CDMOs and cell therapy companies.

Michael Maguire, PhD, CEO of Avectas, said: “I am proud that our brilliant team is launching Solupore® today after focused development over several years. I believe Solupore® is poised to address the limitations of current transfection technologies for modifying therapeutic cells. Our system will seamlessly integrate into GMP processes to manufacture healthy and highly functional cells. Launching our clinical manufacturing system brings us closer to fulfilling our
vision of working with partners to accelerate the future of cell therapies for patients.”

The Solupore® system is now available for trialing at partner sites through the Avectas Business Development team,



Caption: Solupore® clinical manufacturing system for non-viral delivery to enable next-generation cell therapies.

  • Provides unparalleled cell health and superior cell functionality, expanding the possibilities for complex editing and challenging cargo delivery
  • Easy to integrate into existing GMP processes, Solupore® accelerates the translation of life-saving therapies to patients

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About Avectas

Avectas is accelerating the future of cell therapy through an easy-to-integrate and flexible delivery platform that manufactures healthier and more functional cells for patients. The Avectas non-viral delivery platform excels at complex editing and challenging cargo delivery, ensuring the realization of the next generation of cell therapies. Our vision is to position the non-viral Solupore® cell engineering technology to be integrated into manufacturing processes, including
complex gene editing, for multiple autologous and allogeneic therapies and commercialized through development and license agreements. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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Ray Gordon, Gordon MRM
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